Agricultural Consulting and Services in Plainview

Our Services Include:

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Services

Scout crops & make recommendations for insect, weed, and disease control. Detailed scouting reports are delivered to clients each time crops are scouted. Reports include detailed information regarding insect populations, weeds present, and diseases identified. Reports also include specific recommendations for any pesticide application that might be necessary.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Water is our most precious resource, and it must be managed wisely. Todd Ag Consulting, LLC offers many different ways to monitor soil moisture during the growing season and aid in scheduling irrigation in order to use resources wisely.



Variety Selection

To be successful, variety selection of seed is key. Our experience will help select the right hybrid or variety for your farm.

Soil Sampling

Know exactly how much fertilizer you will need for the upcoming growing season. Samples for nitrogen recommendations are taken to 2ft deep to ensure you apply only the nitrogen needed and utilize the most of your carryover nutrients.



Tissue Sampling

Collect plant tissue samples during the growing season to fine tune fertility program throughout the year.

Precision Ag Services

These services include:

  • Analyzing yield maps
  • Creating management zones
  • Making recommendations for planting
  • Writing prescriptions for fertilizer

Farm Research Data

We work with basic manufacturers and seed companies to conduct innovative farm research that will benefit our growers.

Trellis Probes

Trellis stakes can help you monitor your soil’s moisture and get tailored results that tell you soil moisture tension.


The autoprobe soil sampler uses patented technology to pull up to 40 cores of soil in a variety of consistent angles, depths, and distances so you can have precise sampling. Precise sampling yields precise planting and nutrient placing, which results in maximum crop yield and lower costs.